Who’s running in South Hampton Roads in November?

Candidates throughout South Hampton Roads are gearing up for the Nov. 5 elections for constitutional offices and the House of Delegates.

Here's a look at the lineup as of Tuesday's filing deadline.


Commissioner of the Revenue

Ray Conner (R, incumbent)

Commonwealth's Attorney

Chris Falk (I)

Nancy Parr (R, incumbent)


James O'Sullivan (R, incumbent)

Les Smith (I)


Barbara Carraway (R, incumbent)


Commissioner of the Revenue

Sherry D. Battle-Edmonds (I)

Douglas Knack (I) - plans to withdraw

Evans Poston (D)


Neil Bradley (R)

Sean Jones (I)

Bob McCabe (D, incumbent)


Anthony L. Burfoot (D)

James McDonnell (R)


Commissioner of the Revenue

Franklin Edmondson (D, incumbent)

Commonwealth's Attorney

Earle C. Mobley (R, incumbent)


David Cherry (I)

Ronnie Davis (R)

Bill Watson (D, incumbent)

Ronald Wood (I)


James L. Williams (D, incumbent)


Commissioner of the Revenue

Thomas A. Hazelwood (I, incumbent)

Commonwealth's Attorney

C. Phillips "Phil" Ferguson (I, incumbent)


Raleigh H. Isaacs Sr. (I, incumbent)

C. Aaron Johnson (I)

Jennifer L. "Jen" Pond (I)


Ronald H. Williams (I, incumbent)

Virginia Beach

Commissioner of the Revenue

Philip Kellam (D, incumbent)

Commonwealth's Attorney

Colin Stolle (R)

Gregory Turpin (D)


Ken Stolle (R, incumbent)


John Atkinson (R, incumbent)

House of Delegates

21st District

Parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

Susan Hippen (D)

Ron Villanueva (R, incumbent)

64th District

Parts of Suffolk, Franklin as well as the counties of Prince George, Surry, Sussex, Southampton and Isle of Wight.

Rick Morris (R, incumbent)

75th District

All of Brunswick and Greensville counties and Emporia, as well as parts of Franklin and the counties of Dinwiddie, Isle of Wight, Lunenberg, Southampton, Sussex and Surry.

Roslyn Tyler (D, incumbent)

76th District

Parts of Suffolk and Chesapeake

Chris Jones (R, incumbent)

77th District

Parts of Chesapeake and Suffolk

Lionell Spruill Sr. (D, incumbent)

78th District

Part of Chesapeake

Linda Bryant (D)

John Cosgrove (R, incumbent)

Daniel Foster (Libertarian)

Brent VanNorman (I)

79th District

Parts of Portsmouth and Norfolk

Johnny Joannou (D, incumbent)

80th District

Parts of Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk

Matthew James (D, incumbent)

81st District

Parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

Barry Knight (R, incumbent)

82nd District

Part of Virginia Beach

Bill DeSteph (R)

Bill Fleming (D)

83rd District

Part of Virginia Beach

Chris Stolle (R, incumbent)

84th District

Part of Virginia Beach

Glenn Davis (R)

Brent McKenzie (D)

85th District

Part of Virginia Beach

Bill Dale (D)

Scott Taylor (R)

89th District

Part of Norfolk

Daun Hester (D, incumbent)

90th District

Parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Algie Howell (D, incumbent)

100th District

Parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk. All of the Eastern Shore

Lynwood Lewis (D, incumbent)

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